Psychotic Customs

SR Bike Teaser

Psychotic Customs is another new face on the SL Custom Chopper market, but I must say that this bike finds a soft spot in my heart.  Not only was it created to solely give away during my DJ set at Sanctuary Rock, but it’s a custom Sanctuary Rock chopper that actually incorporated a few of my ideas in it the build.

SR Bike_002

Join us Wednesday, February 6th, at 10pm SLT at Sanctuary Rock where we will give this bad boy away to the winner of our event.

SR Bike_004

SR Bike_003

Soon Psychotic Customs hopes to plan on expanding into the mesh biker clothing area, so keep an eye out here for news on that as well.

Any questions for the members of Psychotic Customs, contact RedAngelSarah Resident or Airon Halostar for more information.

SR Bike_008


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